WISH Foundation – A Place Giving Hope and Wish for the Children with Hearing and Motor Integration Impairments

WISH Foundation was established in 2006 as a government approved organization with the good intention to make the world a better place for the hearing impaired. Here, we work towards making their lives better with continuous researches, advanced therapy techniques and social welfare projects. WISH Foundation Center exclusively focuses on service for the children with hearing impairment and other disabilities.
The centre offers a wide range of free services for the hearing impaired children and aims at attaining normal speech, language and social development in these children. These services include free hearing testing, hearing aids, support for the maintenance of cochlear implants and therapies including Auditory Verbal Therapy and Sensory Motor Integration.

To this day, WISH Foundation was able to elevate the quality of life for hundreds of children who were in the corners of the society because of their impairments.

What We Do

Auditory Verbal Therapy

Auditory Verbal therapy (AVT) is a highly specialised early intervention programme which facilitates hearing impaired children to maximise their speech and language skills. Well experienced AVT therapist at WISH foundation conduct systematic and play based therapy sessions to develop a hearing impaired child’s listening and spoken language.

Sensory Motor Integration

Children with either partial or complete hearing loss are particularly susceptible to sensory processing disorder. A holistic sensory integration therapy is provided at WISH foundation to integrate the child’s senses through different stimulating techniques.

Where Sri Lanka Now

Sri Lanka is one of the few countries that offer free healthcare system to the general public. With the special action plans that were taken into activation, the different health indicators measured by WHO has given positive results in the context of Sri Lanka. The life expectancy at birth in Sri Lanka is 75.28 year (2016) with only 2 neonatal deaths per thousand. Differently abled population in Sri Lanka counts up to 8% of the total population. Sadly, they have to face many discriminations and stigma from the society. The differently abled from birth are deprived of many basic needs including education due to the discriminations they face. Here are some of the statistics of the differently abled people in Sri Lanka. It is important that hearing disabilities are treated at infant level to create a better growing space for those children.


People with speaking/hearing disabilities


People are born with speaking/hearing disabilities


Children with disabilities are enrolled in schools


Children with disabilities complete their school education

Record of Our Ventures to Bring a Change

Join Us as a Volunteer

Now you can join hands with us and share our passion to bring a ray of hope to the lives of the hearing impaired. At WISH Foundation Center you can join with us in many activities including therapy sessions, play sessions and engage with us in numerous projects we conduct.

Contact us and join with for a better cause.

News and Events

Our journey for a better cause is filled with milestones that we treasure. Here are some of those moments we celebrate in that journey.