Cochlear Implant Awareness Program

A cochlear implant is an established, effective and long-term solution for people with severe to profound hearing loss. WISH foundation has been aiming to spread awareness regarding the benefits and functioning of cochlear implants to the public around the nation. One such program was conducted in the southern city of Galle on 23rd January 2019. The program focused of talking about how hearing works, importance of hearing and the solutions for restoring hearing along with conducting a hearing screening and ear examination camp. Advancement in hearing aids as well as cochlear implant technology was also highlighted. The program had over 150 attendees from around the region of Galle. The event was also honored by guests from Netherlands (Mr. Piet, Mrs. Durna, Mr. Kees and Mrs. Kirsten) who graciously donated hearing aids via the WISH foundation to some of the individuals with hearing loss.