Renewal of Partnership Between Wickramarachchi Health College, AHK, and GIZ

Today marks a significant milestone as Wickramarachchi Health College, AHK, and GIZ renew their Memorandum of Understanding at our head office. This collaboration, dedicated to strengthening eye care education, aims to empower professionals in marginalized communities across Northern, Central, and Western provinces in Sri Lanka.

Through this partnership, we are committed to making a lasting impact on eye health and education. By leveraging collective expertise and resources, we strive to enhance the quality of eye care services and education delivery in underserved areas.

The renewal of this agreement reaffirms our shared dedication to advancing eye health initiatives, particularly in regions where access to quality eye care and education is limited. Together, we aim to bridge gaps, foster innovation, and create sustainable solutions that positively impact communities.

As we embark on this journey, we invite stakeholders and supporters to join us in our mission to make a difference in the lives of individuals and families through improved eye care education and services. Together, we can create a brighter future for eye health in Sri Lanka.

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