Our Collaboration with Sirasa Garment Eye Camp Project at Courtaulds Clothing, Kalagedihena

In our ongoing commitment to community welfare, we proudly collaborated with Sirasa Garment Promotion to organize an impactful eye camp at Courtaulds Clothing, Kalagedihena. This initiative aimed not only to provide essential eye care services but also to promote health and well-being among the workforce of Courtaulds Clothing.

The event witnessed a significant turnout, with employees benefiting from comprehensive eye check-ups and consultations. Our dedicated team of healthcare professionals and volunteers ensured that each individual received personalized attention and care throughout the camp.

As part of our corporate social responsibility efforts, we believe in addressing the holistic needs of communities we serve. By partnering with Sirasa Garment Promotion, we were able to extend our reach and make a meaningful difference in the lives of those in need.

Furthermore, this collaboration underscores our shared commitment to promoting sustainable practices within the garment industry while prioritizing the health and safety of workers.

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