World Children’s Day

The world children’s day program certainly lived up to its name as 50 of the Cochlear implant recipients and their families joined together on 5th October, 2018. The event was hosted by the WISH foundation held at the Wickramaarachi Institute of Speech and Hearing.
Children’s Day is an international celebration intended to bring nations together to promote child welfare, and this event did just that! They had fun games like passing the parcel, musical chairs, dance and freeze and also a fancy dress competition through which the children highlighted the Sri Lankan culture.

This was a day with beautiful memories and celebration of the innocent. These children who were once born deaf, or hard of hearing are now enjoying the simple pleasures of life.
The WISH foundation also organized a fund raiser with food and henna/face paint stalls for the local public whom generously participated and donated for the cause. The aim of the fund raiser was to raise money to help the Cochlear implant recipients with the maintenance of their implants along with other services like auditory verbal therapy.